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Judy Blume, Karolyn Keene, Beverley Cleary, and Francine Pascal were some of the authors I read when I was in elementary school.

Fast forward thirty years and you’ll find my mini-me, Miss Q, reading Tui T. Sutherland, Erin Hunter, Dan Jolley, Chris Colfer and J.K. Rowling to name only five in her massive library.

The difference between me at nine and Miss Q at nine? Genre.

Where my cherished couldn’t-wait-to-read books were close to real life fiction: friendship, mystery, and twin sisters trying to navigate high school.  Miss Q’s cherished must reads centre on fantasy. From the dragons of Wings of Fire, to the cats in the Warrior series, she is hooked. So hooked, I’m contemplating filling a wheelbarrow with books and leaving it under the Christmas tree.

I’ve always wanted my girls to love literature. Always followed my mum’s prescription of as long as they’re reading I don’t care what they read. So it makes me very happy to see Miss Q curled up with a book.

But I never considered my favourites wouldn’t be her favourites.

Enter my husband, the original D ‘n D (Dungeons & Dragon). Like me, he’s held onto a stack of books from his childhood. Like me, he’s always thought one day his children might want to read them.

Well guess what? When it comes to our eldest daughter, he was right.

Currently, Miss Q is plowing her way through Lord Of The Rings after finishing the Hobbit last week.

I still haven’t finished the Lord Of The Rings trilogy after starting it, oh, fifteen years ago.

Psychologists say after year one, fathers are the most important influencers on a child’s life. While this statement feels like a slight to me, the woman who birthed, nursed and hung out in the wee hours of the morning with our offspring, as I watch Miss Q and her father interact, sigh, I know it’s true: at the core of their twinned dragon hearts live souls of elf warriors.

Better luck next child, Nancy Drew, Super Fudge, and Anne with an ‘e’.

But even though Miss Q hasn’t bought into what I would have chosen for her, I really can’t grumble. I was the one who introduced her to Harry Potter, the portkey into the fantastical worlds now calling to her.

My nine-year-old’s eyes dance as she describes the inner workings of plots I’ve never dreamed of writing and my husband nods fondly, encouraging her to go on.  I listen, trying not to be the third wheel in their love language of orcs, healers and rangers, finding comfort in this quote by George R. R. Martin:

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.

So read on, Miss Q. Read on. Don’t let anyone, especially your mother’s nostalgia, hold you back.

gHere is Miss Q’s current must-have reading list in no particular order:


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It goes without saying, we will do anything for our children.  But when a friend goes to great lengths for your child, it means so much more.

A couple of years back, when our backyard neighbours’ daughter was cleaning out her room, Miss Q received four of the five books of Vicki Blum’s fantasy unicorn series.  The series doesn’t have an overarching name, but it follows a girl named Arica and her friendship with a unicorn named Wish. Back then, my husband and Miss Q read book one together and the incomplete series was shelved for older days.

Miss Q started reading the series this month, by herself.  Unicorns are her new favourite.  Don’t worry, she hasn’t turned her back on horses, cats and any other animal that crosses her path, but the mythical creatures now have top billing.

Wish Upon a Unicorn and The Land Without Unicorns appeared with Miss Q this week.  Exhibits ‘A’ and ‘B’. “I’ve read the whole series, and I sort of know what happens after the first book, because they tell you in the third, but I don’t really know…”

“So you need the second book?”


It is here where I admit I have no idea what my child has been reading.  She and I could have endless conversations about the first four Harry Potter’s (5 to 7 seemed too dark and angstful to let her read) but unicorns?  This is foreign territory.

In my youth I was not a horse girl.

CM UnicornThe quest to find book two, The Shadow Unicorn, began.  I started with one of our local bookstores.  The woman there told me it was out of print.

Our neighbours didn’t have book two either.  Mrs. K suggested I try a used book store. But before I could follow up on that lead, Mrs. K had emailed one of them on my behalf.

She called across the backyards yesterday afternoon to say it was there and on hold under her name!  Within 24 hours of starting the quest, I found myself in Russell Books paying $1.99 for The Shadow Unicorn. 

When you move into a neighbourhood, the house and the yard might be perfect, but the neighbours are always the wildcard.  From the day we moved into our house ten years ago to present day, Mrs. K and her family have made us feel so welcome with their kindness.  They are the best neighbours we could have asked for.

Now, thanks to Mrs. K, Miss Q has a complete set and has started re-reading book one.

Apparently I ordered these incorrectly. Book One is Wish Upon a Unicorn Book Two is The Shadow Unicorn Book Three is The Land Without Unicorns Book Four is The Promise of the Unicorn and Book Five is A Gathering of Unicorns

Apparently I ordered these incorrectly. Book One is Wish Upon a Unicorn Book Two is The Shadow Unicorn Book Three is The Land Without Unicorns Book Four is The Promise of the Unicorn and Book Five is A Gathering of Unicorns

If you’re looking for another great unicorn book, check out this graphic novel:

Unicorn Book CMMiss Q has laughed her way through it four times this week.

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